Romantic comedy film Nenu meeku baaga kavalsina vaadini

Romantic comedy film Nenu meeku baaga kavalsina vaadini

Do you love watching romantic online movies? Most people like to watch movies with good story that keeps them interested. Nenu meeku baaga kavalsina vaadini is an excellent romantic comedy movie that tells the actor’s and actresses’ old love stories. It involves a typical story with twists and suspense that keeps everyone entertained.

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The cast of the movie Nenu meeku baaga kavalsina vaadini

The central cast members of this movie are Kiran Abbavarm as Vivek and Sanjana Anand as Teju. The other cast members include Sonu Thakur, Getup Srinu, Baba Bhaskar, Pragathi, etc.

The story of Nenu meeku baaga kavalsina vaadini

The movie begins by showing a tragic note wherein Teju’s father is brought to the hospital because of a heart attack. Next comes the introduction of Teju, an alcoholic who takes a cab every day to get home. The cab driver Vivek saves her from goons who try to take advantage of her intoxicated state. He then assists her and inquires about her past. Teju tells her breakup story on the way back home to Vivek. Teju was a princess in her family, and everyone, including her father, showered her with loads of love.

But she elopes with a guy when her family fixes her marriage with a distant relative, leaving the family in grief. In the next part of the movie, Vivek tells his love story. The twist appears when both their stories are found to get related somehow. The next part of this movie goes on with finding that relationship and how Teju’s life changes after meeting Vivek.

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